The Leadership Power of Positive Living, with Tina Hallis, Ep #3

Most leaders believe they are living and leading with positivity, but I wonder what those they are leading would say about them? Positive living is not about avoiding conflict or being an unrealistically optimistic person – it’s about taking control of your own thoughts and your own responses to the things that happen around you. Leaders need to be examples in this area because their positivity will wear off on those around them, enabling the entire team to rise to a new level of productivity and success.

My guest on this episode is Tina Hallis. Tina is the founder of her own company, The Positive Edge. Her goal – birthed out of her own experience – is to help improve the quality of people’s work lives and the quality of company cultures. She believes that a positive workplace produces happier, more resilient, and productive employees and more successful organizations. Join us for a fascinating conversation about positivity and the ability we all have to produce it in our own lives and leadership.

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Positivity is a choice. Saying that is not naive, it’s the truth

I know how naive it can sound for me to insist that positivity is a choice. It could come across as if I am speaking from an ivory tower, that I don’t acknowledge the horrific circumstances many people have to endure. But nothing could be further from the truth.

I went through a personal health crisis a few years back and during that time I found myself in a very dark place. It felt like things were crushing me and that I couldn’t do anything about it. That’s where I was wrong. I came in contact with Tina Hallis’ work and began to understand that I could be positive, even in my negative circumstances. That is when things began to change for me. Please, listen to this episode. What Tina has to share can turn your thinking in new directions and set you free.

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Every moment, what we think and focus on is creating our reality

You have likely heard the phrase, “Perception is reality.” The statement is not meant to imply that if a person perceives the sky to be yellow when it’s really blue, that the sky changes to blue. It means that the person who perceives the sky to be yellow will behave AS IF the sky is yellow – so for them, the sky IS for all practical purposes, yellow.

It’s a silly example, but one that points out that the things we think and believe shape our view of reality. What we focus on takes a preeminent place in our minds. That’s why the skill of positive thinking – and therefore positive living – is so vital to learn. Moment by moment our ability to think and live in a positive manner impacts our ability to shape a positive reality for us and for those we lead. This conversation reveals ways you can get started on the road toward a more positive way of living and leading. Don’t miss it.

2 quick tips you can apply to shift yourself toward positive living

Imagine yourself leaving your office, getting into your car, and onto the highway. You’ve just wrapped up a stressful day and are eager to get home. The only thing between you and a restful evening at home is rush hour. In situations like that, positivity can become your best friend. Learning how to apply what Tina refers to as “quick tips” can help you maintain a positive attitude even when your circumstances are not very positive.

Tina wraps up this episode with two tips to help you in situations exactly like what I’ve described. Here they are… First – intentionally put on a fake smile, the kind that makes the muscles around your eyes crinkle to the point that wrinkles appear. Tina says studies have demonstrated that a smiling facial expression like this can release chemicals in the brain that promote positivity. Here’s the second quick tip – Take 3 to 5 slow, deep breaths. Doing so lowers your heart rate and blood pressure and helps you refocus.

These are simple but powerful examples of how you can take control of your biology and your thinking to set yourself up for a positive experience rather than a negative one.

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Outline of This Episode

  • [2:01] It IS possible to become a more positive person and live a more positive life
  • [4:37] Proficiency in positivity is essential for leaders and emerging leaders
  • [7:29] Tina’s advice to those who desire to encourage a positive culture
  • [10:12] Answering the naysayers and dealing with those who are not positive
  • [14:40] How to spot negativity in an interview – and what you should do if you see it
  • [16:15] A story of when the light went on with one of Tina’s students
  • [22:20] Is venting appropriate when we really want to be positive people?
  • [27:40] Two quick tips you can apply to shift your thoughts toward positive living

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Every moment, what we think and focus on is creating our reality. Find out why @TinaHallis believes the development of #positivity can transform your #leadership, on this episode. #leader #development Click To Tweet
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