Are your people doing the right things, the right way, every time?

Then equip them to solve operational challenges, eliminate inefficiencies, and get more done.


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As a business leader, do you deal with these problems?

• Teams are missing deadlines and delivery times
• You can’t seem to keep or find enough good people
• The things that matter most don’t get done

• Nothing changes after new tech is put in place
• Teams lose focus on what’s truly important
• Process improvements never seem to stick

Bottom line, do you lose sleep thinking about business?

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Working with business leaders and operational teams  …

I’ve seen and heard a lot in 20+ years.

Most companies struggle with maintaining operational excellence as they grow. They end up making significant investments in new technology to improve operational processes, only to see them fail to deliver results.

Why? They forget to put equal focus on one critical element … the people doing the work. Tools and process redesigns alone won’t fix problems. And they won’t create a high-performing organization. People do.

If helping your people identify the right things to focus on and the right way to do things now (and in the future) appeals to you, let’s have a conversation.

Bruce Holoubek
Founder, Contracted Leadership

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Working with Contracted Leadership, clients have

Reduced employee turnover by


Reached $21M, increasing revenue by


Improved on-time delivery by


Want a higher-performing organization?

Let’s get your people and processes working hand in hand

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Discovery Call

We’ll spend 20-30 minutes exploring the situation you want to address, what problems it may be causing, the metrics you want to improve, and how we can help.

Improve the right things, the right way

Using our 6-step Problem Solving and Development Framework, we’ll work alongside your people to tackle current challenges, develop skills and improve results.

Consistently produce more sales & profit

By equipping your people with the skills and tools to address issues before they turn into problems, you’ll unlock the full potential of your teams to get more done.

Our 5-Point Promise

When working together, we’ll:

  • “Get in the trenches” with your teams
  • Address the root cause of issues
  • Build your people’s skills as we teach the process
  • Give you our honest, sometimes blunt, opinion
  • Tie our compensation to reaching established goals
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Every Contracted Leadership engagement includes

An assessment of current operations and skills

Guaranteed improvements to operational effectiveness

Professional Development for your managers and teams

Ready for teams to see and solve issues before they become your problem?
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When our engagement ends, you’ll have improved key business metrics

Plus, your people will be able to:

Prevent customer satisfaction issues

Eliminate profit-killing inefficiencies

Get more done without burning out

Implement changes that stick

Focus on value-added activities

Continually improve operations

Ready to get started?
In the past 5 years, we have nearly tripled our revenue.
Managing Director of a Pharmaceuticals Company
Contracted Leadership provided more value in one week than any consultant had previously. Bruce’s pragmatic approach to operational improvement and development positioned us to become much more efficient as we focused on our core strengths.”
Owner of a Food Production Company

Business challenges don’t get easier with time

Inefficiencies mount and grow. And problems give birth to other problems. Don’t wait until your best customers and employees leave for the competition.

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