How Game Based Learning Can Accelerate Leadership Development, with Jennifer Javornik, Ep #4

Have you heard of the concept of “game based learning?” More importantly, have you considered how it might be used in leadership development? My guest on this episode of The Development Exponent is Jennifer Javornik, an outstanding leader in the team at Filament Games. Filament Games develops PC, mobile, VR, and AR games that enable organizations to amplify their training in ways that only games can. Be sure you take the time to listen. You’ll find yourself skeptical but also intrigued – and by the end, I trust you’ll see the value of game based learning for both kids and adults.

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Game based learning appeals to the kid in all of us

Most people who listen to this episode will have grown up playing some kind of game – be it baseball or Atari. So you’ll know how engaging a game can be. It’s that deeper level of attention and engagement that enables games to be utilized so effectively for learning. When video games first came on the scene there were many early attempts at game based learning that did an admirable job. How many of you remember “Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego?

But as you might imagine, the technology AND the research behind game based learning has come a long way since then. Listen to hear why games are so engaging, how they can be used for accelerated and deepen the learning experience, and how leadership development can benefit tremendously from the use of gaming technology.

OK, forget the word “game” – let’s call it an interactive experience

Among the many things I was curious about in talking to Jennifer was the type of responses she gets from leaders who are first introduced to the concept of using games for leadership training and development. Does she experience push-back from business-types who think games are for kids? My instinct was right – she does receive push-back, but her approach is not to abandon the conversation. Instead, she reframes it. Learn how she pivots to the idea of providing learners “interactive experiences” when speaking to company leaders, and how they come to see and experience the benefits of game based learning for themselves, on this episode.

Forget the word #game - call it an interactive experience. Find out how Jennifer Javornik ( @Jnnjavornik ) of @FilamentGames amplifies the benefit of game based learning to CEOs, on this episode of #TheDevelopmentExponent. #leadership Click To Tweet


Game based learning is a powerful way to bypass limiting self-identity issues

We all have our inner struggles, the personal hang-ups and insecurities that make us feel incapable in certain areas. One of the points Jennifer made in this intriguing conversation is that game based learning enables us to bypass those issues. Most games make the user the hero, enabling them to imagine what they might be capable of were there no limitations or mental barriers – and the results are amazing. Gaming can help users push past previous personal barriers in powerful ways and learn things about themselves they might never have learned otherwise. Sounds like a great tool for leadership development, doesn’t it?

Learning through games allows failure experiences that are vital to leadership development

One of the things every leader MUST experience is failure. We learn the most valuable lessons about ourselves and about leadership through failure. But those responsible for developing new leaders in their organization don’t always feel comfortable putting their rising leaders into high stakes roles of responsibility where the cost of failure could be catastrophic. Jennifer points out that game based learning allows users to learn through failure in a safe environment where nothing tangible is lost. This kind of learning encourages boldness, creative thinking, appropriate risk-taking, and so much more. You’ll love hearing how the team at Filament Games is building software to help with leadership development, team training, and more. Don’t miss this conversation.

#Learning through #games allows #failure experiences that are vital to #LeadershipDevelopment. Learn how Jennifer Javornik ( @Jnnjavornik ) and the @FilamentGames team does it, on this episode of #TheDevelopmentExponent Click To Tweet


Outline of This Episode

  • [0:55] The reason Jennifer is on the podcast – her role at Filament Games
  • [2:48] How game based learning developed and has built over the last 10 years
  • [5:51] Is there push-back within organizations that decide to try game-based learning?
  • [8:23] Does game based learning allow those who struggle in other areas to shine?
  • [12:21] Learning through a game offers opportunities for failure crucial in leadership development
  • [15:50] Why Jennifer decided to work in this particular field
  • [20:23] How Jennifer’s experience in improv has impacted her role at Filament
  • [24:19] Approaching leadership development through Filament Games
  • [28:01] Learning to be aligned with ourselves and moving toward who you really are

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#Game based learning appeals to the kid in all of us. Learn how to use it to develop #leaders in your organization, with Jennifer Javornik ( @Jnnjavornik ) of @FilamentGames. #TheDevelopmentExponent. #leadership #leader Click To Tweet #Learning through #games allows #failure experiences that are vital to #LeadershipDevelopment. Learn how Jennifer Javornik ( @Jnnjavornik ) and the @FilamentGames team does it, on this episode of #TheDevelopmentExponent Click To Tweet
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