Leveraging Leadership Disruption To Create Mutually Meaningful Work Engagements, with Coreyne Woodman-Holoubek, Ep #11

Leadership disruption. If there is anyone I’ve come to respect when it comes to the topic, it’s my guest today. Coreyene Woodman-Holoubek is not only an amazingly accomplished and skilled Human Resources professional she’s also a leading voice on the topic of disruption. I’m honored to call her my wife.

On this episode, you’re going to learn what I’ve known for a long time – Coreyne is a smart lady who thinks way outside the box. Her insights into why positive disruption is with us to stay, what it can accomplish, and why it’s important for leaders to embrace it are inspirational. I invite you to listen.

Leveraging #leadership #disruption to create mutually meaningful work engagements, with Coreyne Woodman-Holoubek. Listen to this episode of #TheDevelopmentExponent. #leaders #development Click To Tweet

What does it mean to be disruptive?

Disruption is breaking with the status quo to solve real-world problems. It’s not just making something better, it’s evolving to make what WAS status quo, obsolete. Those who are disruptive are constantly reimagining experiences, constantly asking, “How can this evolve?”

Coreyne is a person who disrupts the view of the Human Resources profession. She wants to see HR evolve to exceed today’s, tomorrow’s, and the future’s needs and expectations. She wants to see that happen internally in the way HR professionals think about themselves and their role – and externally, in the minds of those who have a skewed perception of what the human resources function of their organization is about.

Events that promote disruption to entire communities

Coreyne is the lead organizer of the Wisconsin Disrupt Madison and Disrupt Milwaukee events, part of over 150 DisruptHR events being held across the world. Disrupt Madison and Disrupt Milwaukee are fast-paced talk forums on the world of work and the future of work designed to energize, inform, and ignite executives, young professionals, business and community leaders, and HR professionals.  They are events that shake things up, that make you think differently, that leave you inspired.

At a Disrupt event, you’ll have a rapid-fire experience. The night is divided into two halves, each addressing a series of topics curated for your learning experience. Speakers are allowed 5 minutes, 20 slides, rotating at 15 seconds each to present on a topic that is aligned with their personal passion, expertise, and/or unique disruptive perspective. It’s a hard-hitting experience that gives participants an opportunity to digest things quickly, gain insight and inspiration, and move on to the next golden nugget.

On this episode, you’ll get a feeling for how the Disrupt Madison and Disrupt Milwaukee events work, why they are popular learning models, and why they resonate with Coreyne so much. Please take the time to listen.

#Disruption is breaking with the status quo to solve real-world problems. Learn how your #leaders can leverage it in your organization, with Coreyne Woodman-Holoubek. on this episode of #TheDevelopmentExponent. #leaders #development Click To Tweet

The reason leadership disruption is vital in our day

Change is happening faster than ever before. When one technology becomes the norm, another close on its heels is ready to overtake it. That’s an extremely challenging environment in which to be a leader.

That’s why leaders have to embrace continuous ambiguity and uncertainty that is common in our fast-changing world. They have to be willing to seek diverse inputs from a number of sources. Why?

One reason is that there’s a war for talent and a huge skills gap – mainly in the area of technology. When creating work teams, we must be open to what individuals bring to the table in terms of innate talent and perspectives.’ People’ are what set our company and our team apart.

If we don’t embrace disruption that allows us to build teams in that way, those searching for ways to use their talents and skills will take them to our competitors.

7 takeaways for those who want to implement leadership disruption

Positive disruption happens when senior leaders help their emerging leaders leverage disruption to the advantage of the organizations they are in. Coreyne shares 7 things leaders should embrace to help their emerging leaders leverage the power of disruption…

  1. Push boundaries – go beyond your comfort zone
  2. See mistakes as learning opportunities and ways to correct wrong decisions or weak decisions
  3. Have a vision even if the roadmap is undefined
  4. Learn how to use data to make decisions
  5. Look for inspiration outside your normal environment
  6. Be curious
  7. Be the best human you can be

As Coreyne emphasized so well in this episode, leaders have to be out front when it comes to disruption, because it’s here to stay. Embracing its benefits and leveraging its power in our organizations will keep us at the leading edge of our industries. Isn’t that where we want to be?

7 takeaways for those who want to implement #leadership #disruption i their organizations. With Coreyne Woodman-Holoubek on this episode of #TheDevelopmentExponent. #leaders #development Click To Tweet

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:52] 17 years of global and HR experience internationally
  • [2:09] Staring out with the question, “What am I going to do with my life?”
  • [4:06] What Coreyne means when she speaks about disruption in the HR profession
  • [6:42] The Disrupt movement in Madison, Milwaukee, and beyond
  • [9:52] The biggest misperception about the goal of disruption
  • [10:48] Why is it so important for leaders to understand positive disruption
  • [14:33] How can disruption add to mutually meaningful work engagements?
  • [18:13] Helping emerging leaders use disruption – 7 key pieces of advice
  • [24:38] What 2 to 3 things would you advise for someone to do to develop their ability to disrupt
  • [26:01] A defining moment in Coreyne’s life that set her on her current trajectory

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What does it mean to be #disruptive? Find out from Coreyne Woodman-Holoubek on this episode of #TheDevelopmentExponent. #leaders #development Click To Tweet Listen to hear why #leadership #disruption is vital in our day. On this episode of #TheDevelopmentExponent, with my guest Coreyne Woodman-Holoubek. #leaders #development Click To Tweet
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