Why Perseverance is the Key to Long-term Success, with Elly Moody Ep #18

If you want your organization to enjoy long-term success, you’ve got to be committed to enduring whatever challenges come your way. Remember that old fable about the tortoise and the hare? Too many business leaders are still trying to be the hare when the moral of the story is to emulate the tortoise! Elly Moody is here to help leaders like you learn the value of perseverance so your business can enjoy long-term success.

Elly is a forward-thinking leader in the digital, social and mobile landscape. She has provided her expertise to a diverse array of companies and brands – both large and small – on how to effectively create and execute fully integrated digital marketing strategies to drive business value. Over the last ten years in the digital space, Elly has created, executed, and managed social media communities for over 350 companies, athletes and brands. In her current role at McDonald’s, Elly creates and oversees the digital communication strategy for the Corporation, and is the lead content strategist for the McDonald’s Corporate Social Media channels.

Elly has a ton of helpful insights that will enable leaders like you to take your organization to the next level. You are going to need pen and paper for this one!

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Learning to endure from an early age.

Can you imagine how it would impact a child to face kidney cancer at the age of three? Talk about a heart wrenching and confusing experience! One of the most amazing things about children is their ability to adapt and adjust to difficult situations. While she didn’t know it then, enduring cancer treatment was just the start of Elly Moody’s life-long education in the power of perseverance. Elly would continue her education in the subject of perseverance as she fought for and earned a spot playing club soccer in addition to playing five different competitive sports.

As a leader, Elly is convinced that the early lessons she learned from her cancer treatment and her involvement in competitive sports showed her the value of staying in the game and enduring whatever challenges arise. It’s gut check time, how are you doing when it comes to staying in the game? Are you ALL IN or do you find your level of commitment waining? Don’t let the distractions and roadblocks that come your way rob you of long-term success. Commit to persevering!

Why you need to invest in your team.

Sometimes you just want to show up to work, take care of your tasks, and then check out, right? Even if you love your job, you are going to have days that just feel like a GRIND, just don’t let it become a habit! When you let apathy sneak in and take over, it won’t be very long until cynicism and negativity creep in too. As a leader, you are not only responsible for your mindset; you are responsible for the mindset and culture of the team you’ve built around you.

If you want to ensure your organization will stand the test of time and enjoy long-term success, you’ve got to invest in the well-being of your team. Elly Moody found that when she took the time to get to know her team and care for them as people, the team thrived.

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Choose to never give up!

No one drifts toward success. Unfortunately, that is not how the world works! Individually and corporately, milestones and benchmarks need to be set if there is any hope for growth. On the personal front, you’ve got to determine that no matter what comes down the pike, you are in it for the long haul.

If you take up that mantle as a leader in your organization and you look for ways to celebrate and encourage perseverance, your people will follow suit. Don’t let complacency and apathy rule the day; take the steps necessary so your business can enjoy long-term success. Learn more about perseverance and other helpful insights from Elly by listening to this powerful episode!

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:10] I introduce my guest, Elly Moody.
  • [3:30] Elly talks about enduring kidney cancer as a child.
  • [8:15] How would others describe Elly’s leadership style?
  • [10:40] Elly reveals the lessons she learned playing competitive team sports.
  • [14:15] Leaders who have influenced Elly on her journey.
  • [17:15] Identifying leadership qualities in prospective new hires.
  • [19:30] Why you need to care for people on your team.
  • [21:15] Empowering women in the workplace.
  • [25:30] Choose to never give up!
  • [29:00] Three takeaways you can use today.

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Many #BusinessLeaders point to their time in #CompetitiveSports as critical experiences that taught them how to lead. Find out how her years in #Soccer helped @ellydeutchmoody on this fascinating episode of #TheDevelopmentExponent #podcast!… Click To Tweet No one drifts toward success, you’ve got to fight for it! Find out why @ellydeutchmoody chooses to never give up and why her team is following her example by listening to this helpful #podcast episode of #TheDevelopmentExponent. #Leadership Click To Tweet

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