The Fundamentals Of Leadership with Scott Carley, Ep #52

Good leadership – and the development of leadership skills in others – is predicated on fundamentals that are vital to the role. These basics are things we hear mentioned often but if we are honest, few of us have mastered them to the point that they bring clarity and focus to our leadership and lives. What are these fundamentals? Goal setting, prioritization, and action. Keep reading to find out how to put these fundamentals to work as a leader and as one who develops leaders.

My guest on this episode, Scott Carley, is known in the leadership and business consulting arena as “The Change Energizer.” He likes to focus people on the energy and possibilities that flow out of these fundamentals. He’s especially skilled at helping team leaders and entrepreneurs restore the buzz that they once had. He does this by addressing the issues that are keeping them from being focused and organized – and he does this in a way that propels them toward the accomplishment of their goals. Scott once served as a minister and church growth consultant – both roles that pursue the development of environments where those involved can find deeper meaning. Given his background in those areas, I was particularly interested to hear Scott’s perspective. Join me for this episode of The Development Exponent.

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Are you missing this fundamental component of good leadership?

Leaders can only lead when they are clear about the goals their teams are pursuing. But sadly, even the best leaders can have trouble setting effective goals. Goal setting is of paramount importance and as leaders, we must be able to discern the right goals and establish a plan to reach them. How do we do that?

Scott suggests a few things to help individuals and organizations get clear on the goals they should be pursuing.

First, let’s ask a simple question. “If a national news organization pulled up to your house with a mobile studio three years from now and wanted to interview you about the great success you’ve achieved, what would that success be?” In words relating to our topic – what are the things that you want to happen in your life or organization in the next three years?

A question like this is helpful it enables us to imagine the outcome we most want to experience and get clear on what it will take to actually get there. Put simply, it helps us define our goals and begin the process of determining a course to accomplish it.

The one thing that defines true leaders: Action

We’ve all known or have even worked under a leader who we weren’t thrilled about following. Why is that the case when they have the title and position of a leader? What’s the issue? Honest, genuine leadership is not predicated on a title or an appointment. In fact, titles are the least effective portion of leadership. Leaders are people who take action when needs arise. They are the ones who pull others together to meet needs and reach goals.

To be clear, the action I’m talking about is not that of barking out orders or dictating a set of goals to be attained. True leaders value those they lead, so they work with them to bring out their best and accomplish the mutual goals of the group. Leaders step into the void of varied agendas and uncertain destinations and coordinate a collaborative effort between individuals. When this is done well it leads to meaning and fulfillment for everyone involved – and its the hallmark of a true leader.

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3 steps to clarify your vision as a leader and as a person

Scott was incredibly generous in the insights and stories he shared from his many years as a leader and business consultant. As we wrapped up the episode he outlined three steps to clarifying vision and achieving goals.

STEP ONE: Write down where you want to be in 3 years. It’s important to get dreams out of your head and onto paper. That’s the only way you can look at it, work with it, and refine it. Until you can envision your goal clearly you are not going to get there. This is an area where leaders and decision-makers within organizations need to lead the way.

STEP TWO: Define your priorities. Very simply, this is asking the question, “What’s most important?” When you or your team are able to clearly define the most important things to the attainment of your goal, you’ll be able to determine where energy needs to be expended, where resources need to be dedicated, and where team members can be best utilized – and if you’re able to do that in ways that allow team members to contribute in alignment with their skills and gifting, you’ll create mutually meaningful work engagements like never before.

STEP THREE: Take action. Clear goals and priorities are wonderful, but only if you develop a plan that enables you and your team to execute on them. The more priority-based action you take toward your clearly defined goals, the more success you will experience. You’ll be making the most of the aspirations and creativity of your team so that you can bring your goals into reality together.

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Outline of This Episode

  • [1:22] Meet Scott Carley – The Change Energizer
  • [5:24] The change from Church Growth Consultant to Business Consultant 
  • [7:29] Why we should think of getting “energized” rather than thinking about “changing”
  • [10:01] Several defining moments from Scott’s life
  • [19:12] Examples of the importance of a clear vision from a very unlikely place
  • [24:40] Steps to apply the moment you stop listening to this episode

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Are you missing this fundamental component of good #leadership? Find out from @SACarley, the Change Energizer on this episode of #TheDevelopmentExponent. #leader Click To Tweet Learn 3 steps to clarify your vision as a #leader and as a person. Listen to this episode of #TheDevelopmentExponent with guest, @SACarley, the Change Energizer. #leadership Click To Tweet
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