How Ambition, Courage, and Curiosity Empower Growth and Value, with Mary Dixon, Ep #76

Ambition, courage, and curiosity are character traits you’ll find in many founders and many innovators across disciplines. I immediately saw all three of those traits in my guest on this episode, Mary Dixon. Mary is a founder in the pharmaceutical and medical device industry, working to improve the lives of human beings through research and development that empower the person’s greatest health.

Her history has led her to the development of software that empowers medical providers and patients as well. The focus is to do this through the use of data to discover the deeper unmet needs of everyone in the scenario. I invite you to listen. You’ll be inspired by Mary’s competence and insight and how she keeps her focus on the individuals involved in the complex process of healthcare solutions.

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:50] Mary’s 30-year history in pharma and how she leads in ground-breaking developments
  • [12:20] How curiosity has contributed to Mary’s career development and innovation
  • [23:27] Hiring for curiosity and the mission, not necessarily industry expertise
  • [28:52} Surprising challenges transitioning to leadership
  • [33:45] What Mary wishes others knew about Big Pharma
  • [37:22] Achievements Mary is particularly proud of
  • [40:46] What are “human factors” and why are they so important?
  • [47:50] Mary’s childhood experience with healthcare and how it led to her current role
  • [1:01:37] The confidence that’s come in leading over the years: delegation

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