Employee, Consultant, or a Contracted Leader™: Why You Need to Know the Difference

At your business, things are changing quickly, and you are considering adding to your team. But, you want to be sure the person you choose will be productive and an immediate advocate for your company’s vision and culture. Should you hire an employee, look for a consultant, or engage with a contracted leader™?

Each approach brings different value, but to make the right choice for your particular situation, there are some significant differences you’ll want to know about before you make a decision.


An employee is hired to do a specific job within your business, which is loosely defined by the job description. This individual is typically offered a position following a recruitment and selection process, which hopes to reveal the most qualified person for the work. Though you may know what you want to achieve metrically, you do not make it part of a “formal condition of employment.” Goals are established after the person is hired and onboarded, but this is not always the case. The terms of employment can be specified verbally, in a letter, or other document; but is usually considered “at will.” If you decide to hire an employee, it should make business sense by being a long-term position, usually more than 5 years.


Your business may look for a consultant when you need expert advice for a limited time but do not need them to be engaged on a full-time basis during that limited period of time. The consultant will have knowledge and experience in the particular issue being addressed, is not someone already in-house, and the business doesn’t have plans to hire an employee full-time to tackle that problem. The length of the relationship is determined by your need.

Contracted Leader™

A contracted leader™ addresses the gap between hiring an employee and securing a consultant. This type of leader fully engages with your business — working alongside and with your people — to achieve your specific goals and initiatives. Contracted Leadership™ is a metrics-driven approach – communicating ahead of time the expected results and assuring their attainment. An individual or team of contracted leaders™ focuses on the strengths, competencies, and potential of the employees, the status of your processes and systems, and your capital equipment. Then, it puts into practice the necessary elements to realize your goals and support the creation of an even higher-performing business. A contracted leader™ is not an employee, but can take on an already existing position, a newly created one, or function in a project manager role. This kind of leader brings with them a diverse range of skills offered by the Contracted Leadership™ organizational team and the commitment to “be in” your business to achieve success. The length of the relationship is determined by the needs of your business.

If your business is looking to bring on professionals with the ability to be a bridge in moving from ideas to success, while working as an inside advocate in almost any leadership position, and for any length of time, your choice stands out. Our approach is not an alternative, but the answer to your business needs. Contact our team at Contracted Leadership™ today.

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