Learning and Leading with Andy Rice | Episode 44

44 - Learning and Leading

I recently sat down with former FCS quarterback and current Businessolver Outside Sales Consultant, Andy Rice. I was excited to learn that he’d be speaking at the upcoming Disrupt Milwaukee, an annual event I’m passionate about. Since the event theme this year is Being Human Centric in the Era of Digital Transformation, I was interested to get a “sneak peek” at what he’d be sharing. We talked a little about Businessolver’s “Technology with Heart” motto, and their passion for customer care. That certainly seemed in alignment with the theme.

What I found interesting about Andy is how grounded he is in gratitude for the coaches, mentors, teachers, and family that have helped get him to where he is today – and how that support is such an integral part of his leadership foundation. His stories of their influence were threaded throughout our conversation, giving me a better sense of who he is, and how he has come to his “why” – which is to Coach Achievers with Integrity. His “chest out, feet in” approach to business means he’s not toeing into the water – he’s diving in. (Would we expect any less from a former quarterback?)

Andy was right on point when we started talking about the importance of creating mutually meaningful work engagements and he shared the value of having a “line of sight” every day based on your alignment with your organization and its goals. In a world where it’s easy for companies to make people feel like a number, having leadership that is in tune with team members is game-changing.

So, what does Businessolver do to make a difference? One of the favorite strategies shared was how their Chief Strategy Officer puts together a DAILY presentation (3-8 slides) for their team to give them a roadmap of what’s new and what’s a priority so that everyone can be on the same page every single business day. That’s a forward-thinking, focus-centric solution for any savvy leadership team.

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Next, I loved Businessolver’s commitment to professional development. Team members are onboarded and have the option to go through a rotation process, spending six to nine months in each role so that they have the information, insights, and working experience to choose the path for which they are best suited and have a high level of passion. Throughout the experience, a mentor/leader is with them every step of the way to help them:

• Problem-solve

• See the value in community involvement

• Share the insights, books, and solutions needed to grow in that role

• Train and teach

That commitment of time and resources is terrific to see in today’s business environment and exemplifies what we try to spotlight in every podcast – “developing leaders to create mutually meaningful work engagements”. These mentors care, not only about helping their protégés excel, but that they find the path that best serves them. For Andy – that path led to marketing and sales and enrolling in a Dale Carnegie class on leadership. The experience and lessons he gleaned during that time have elevated his ability to better understand people, communicate more powerfully, and grow as an individual as well as a business professional.

I asked Andy about the defining moments in his life and career and he talked about the value of finding his why, and how the process he went through and the coaches he had along the way took him from the “prove me wrong” approach of his youth and competitive sport persona to a “prove yourself right” practice of personal development and mindfulness. It is why integrity is such a big part of his why. Looking at life and business through the lens of who you are when no one is looking means no shortcuts. It means people first, knowing yourself, and learning to know others at a higher level so that you can lead – professionally and personally — with integrity, authority, and compassion.

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Top take-aways from the interview?

1. Don’t be afraid to take a chance on what you believe in.

2. Don’t be afraid to be the first follower.

3. Take the time to reflect on yourself and those around you so that everyone can succeed.

A big thank you to Andy Rice for sharing his time with us. We like hearing his all-in approach to leading with integrity and excellence as well as his commitment to helping emerging leaders grow to become who they are meant to become.

Now I’d love to hear from you! What is your organization doing to lean into those engagements that allow the company to grow and individual to thrive both personally and professionally? Let’s have that conversation!

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