Summer Leadership Highlights


The Contracted Leadership team spent a great portion of June and July impacting the world of work, promoting great leadership and creating mutually meaningful engagements.

Contracted Leadership was a proud sponsor and Advisory Board member of the inaugural CutlureCon, held on June 6th-7th with over 350 attendees, 4 keynotes and over 20 break out sessions.  In addition, the Contracted Leadership team spoke to over 75 attendees at the International Public Management Association-HR Central Region on June 27th.

Bruce Holoubek, President and Co-Founder, of Contracted Leadership shared insights on “Supporting a Culture of Promoting from Within” and “Creating Leadership Pathways” at both CultureCon and IPMA-HR Central Conference.


Key takeaways include:

1. To support a culture of promoting from within, it is important to look down two organizational levels.  The person next in line for the job may not even want it for various reasons.  However, the person down the next level, with a letting development and coaching may be the perfect fit.

2. Create Leadership Pathways for all emerging leaders in the organization.

3. Promotion is not Advancement and vice versa.  Learn the different between the two, and discover which one your emerging leader desires.

4. Most of the time leadership development is not linear, its more like “an orbital spider web” of experience.


More about IPMA-HR

IPMA-HR, International Public Management Association for Human Resources took place on June 24-27. Over 400 public management HR professionals from around the Midwest and Central region traveled to Madison to attend this annual conference.

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