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How Empathic Investigations Impact Workplace Culture

Contracted Leadership
One of the most powerful and skills a leader can have is the ability to have difficult conversations, sometimes really difficult conversations – with empathy, humanity, and compassion. Human being to human being.  That’s what really stood out in my conversation with Certified Forensic Interviewer Angela Nino. Her path from...

Let Go to Grow Your Leadership

Contracted Leadership
Initially, being an entrepreneur means being in control of every aspect of your business. However, when the ask is high and it is time to grow and level up, many founders and entrepreneurs have a difficult time letting their emerging leaders drive the vehicle.  This is a point of organizational...

Seeing the Opportunity to Reinvent Your Career

Contracted Leadership
What looks like a career dead zone to the outside world is actually an opportunity to the driven leader. It happens all the time-- a person, most often a woman, takes a professional pause to have children. Once the children are ready for school, or once the person decides it’s...

What Community Involvement Does for Your Emerging Leaders

Contracted Leadership
At a First Business Bank Emerging Leaders event, Jason Ilstrup, President of Downtown Madison Inc. spoke on the importance of emerging leaders’ involvement with their communities and how that can benefit the development of the emerging leader, the growth of the organization in which they work, and how it can...

What Emerging Leaders Need From You

Contracted Leadership
As we focus on being effective leaders we mostly approach leadership development from our own perspective. Coming from the angle of personal development, we ask how we can be better leaders today than we were yesterday. We defer to subject matter experts, consult coaches, and learn from other executives at...

Developing Through Distraction

Contracted Leadership
Would you trust someone who doesn’t know how to use a steering wheel drive your car? It’s what we as executives and organizational leaders do when we promote workers to leadership roles who have no sense of personal purpose nor vision for a meaningful mission. The fault is not in...