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Creating Breakthroughs in Development

Contracted Leadership
In his quest of exploring the relationships between leaders and the emerging leaders they develop Bruce Holoubek, owner of Contracted Leadership, and Host of The Development Exponent Podcast talks to Rani Mani and Jose Camacho of Adobe. Rani Mani is the head of Global Social Influencer Enablement and Employee Advocacy...

Making Changes Successfully

Contracted Leadership
No matter what kind of development you are exposing yourself to there comes a moment when you need to decide if you're going to put your new ideas into action. When you're willing to change your current behavior thoughts and patterns, is when your learning takes on true value. However,...

Standing Ground on Continuous Improvement

Contracted Leadership
As a leader you commit yourself to continuous improvement because you know that “good enough” doesn’t last. You work on self development so that you can be the leader who heralds needed changes in a way that preserves and elevates the integrity of your organization. It becomes inevitable that when...

Unboxing Innovation: Create the Team to Innovate

Contracted Leadership
Ryan, of Be The Match, and five of his peers were selected to participate in an out-of-the-box experiment called, The Innovation Lab. Sequestered away from the rest of the organization, the team was responsible for researching umbilical cord blood donation and seeing how it can help with blood marrow registry...

Lessons on Connection from a CRM Founder, Ep #26

Contracted Leadership
Live or die? Not too long ago our ability to survive directly correlated to our ability to develop relationships with our families and local tribes. In modern times-- and especially in business, our ability to develop relationships can mean the difference between thriving and losing out. We are biologically wired...

The Machinery of Innovation with Roy Morejon, Ep #25

Contracted Leadership
The Secret We have to admire the bravery of those entrepreneurs on Shark Tank. They put their life savings, mortgages, and reputations on the line for the chance to launch a winning idea or innovative product. In a sea of products and services, they see themselves as uniquely capable of...