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Why Perseverance is the Key to Long-term Success, with Elly Moody Ep #18

Contracted Leadership
If you want your organization to enjoy long-term success, you’ve got to be committed to enduring whatever challenges come your way. Remember that old fable about the tortoise and the hare? Too many business leaders are still trying to be the hare when the moral of the story is to...

Creating a Culture of Excellence with Melissa Kwan, Ep #17

Contracted Leadership
What would it take to create a culture of excellence in an organization? Do you need to be everyone’s best friend, a severe micro-manager, or something else entirely? On this episode, you’ll hear from business leader extraordinaire, Melissa Kwan. Melissa Kwan is the Co-Founder and former CEO of Spacio, a...

Why A Yes Person Isn’t Always the Best Person For the Job with Ryan Peña, Ep #16

Contracted Leadership
Don’t you love those folks in your organization who ask, “How high?” when you say “Jump?” You know the type, we often refer to them as a “Yes Person.” Wouldn’t it be nice if your entire organization was filled with yes people? Not so fast! What if you are missing...

How to Assess the Emerging Leaders In Your Organization, Ep #15

Contracted Leadership
What is your plan for assessing and encouraging emerging leaders in your organization? Do you hope a good idea will fall in your lap or are you proactively looking for ways to sift through your people? What if there was a way to take a common occurrence like a weather...

Why We Need to Elevate the Role of Emotional Intelligence at Work, with Roger Wolkoff, Ep #14

Contracted Leadership
Have you ever considered the role of emotional intelligence at work? Most people think of emotional intelligence as something that stay-at-home parents and grade school teachers have to deal with, how does it apply to the workplace? Here to shed some light on this critical topic is Roger Wolkoff. With...

9 Traits Of Every Mutually Meaningful Work Engagement, Ep #13

Contracted Leadership
This episode about mutually meaningful work engagements was spawned by a handful of listener questions that revealed to me that I need to lay some groundwork in order for listeners to understand where we are going with this podcast. My hope is that in this short recording I am able...