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The Burning Candle with Luke Perkerwicz, Ep #24

Contracted Leadership
There’s a key success factor that all startup professionals, leaders, and founders share: they begin their professional journeys fueled by passion and purpose. That passion gets us through the toughest phases of initializing our plans. But, eventually we hit speed bumps: time passes, energy depletes, outside forces pull in different...

The Easter Egg Hunt For Meaning, Ep #23

Contracted Leadership
Our success as leaders is deeply connected to what kind of meanings we give to everyday events in our lives. Two people can observe the same event but take away two completely different experiences from it. In our biologically-driven urge for finding purpose and creating meaning, we can choose to...

Never Underestimate the Value of Telling the Truth with AJ Sue, Ep #22

Contracted Leadership
Introspection, if handled wisely, can be the tool for clearing a fresh path for our organizations, teams, and personal futures. To begin any change action or growth, we must first articulate meaning. Core questions, or as we’ve come to know them, “why” questions, help us get to the answers that...

Understanding the 100% Mutual Responsibility Rule, Ep #21

Contracted Leadership
I’ve spent a lot of time lately thinking about the topic of mutually meaningful work engagements, and I want to introduce you to a concept I’ve coined, “The 100% Mutual Responsibility Rule.” Before I explain the rule to you, we’ve got to define some concepts, let’s start with the term,...

4 Ways to Be An Effective Leader with Tom Dott, Ep #20

Contracted Leadership
Are you an effective leader? How do you know? One of the best ways to measure your effectiveness as a leader is to look at the health of your team. Sure you might be able to hit all the benchmarks and milestones but if your team is unhealthy, have you...

How to Get Your Team to Embrace Their Professional Strengths with Amy Jessen, Ep #19

Contracted Leadership
Do you have individuals in your organization who produce great work but don’t possess what most people consider, “Leadership” qualities? What are they suppose to do, they can’t just change their professional strengths like putting on a new outfit, can they? Don’t write those folks off just yet! There are...